Newsome Home Health Care Heart Failure Protocol

Newsome’s In Home Health Care Adheres to Heart Failure Protocols to Help Minimize the Impact of the Patient’s Condition

Newsome Home Health Heart Failure Goals of Care

  • Patient will maintain optimal cardiac function as evidenced by clear lung sounds, no shortness of breath, and absence of, or reduced edema
  • Vital signs will be within normal limits for the patient
  • Increased activity tolerance related to cardiovascular status
  • Reduce rate of hospitalization

The Heart Failure Patient and Caregiver will be Instructed on the Following:

  • Daily weights (when to weigh, reason for weights, recording weights, and when to notify MD/RN)
  • Notify MD of weight changes based on individual MD recommendations
  • Lower extremity elevation
  • Activity pacing
  • Use of TED hose (if ordered)
  • Measures to promote circulation
  • Medication management and adherence
  • Fluid restriction (if ordered)
  • Diet management
  • Healthy coping strategies
  • Smoking cessation

Key Assessment Points for Heart Failure Patients:

  • Weight (obtain from patient’s daily weight chart)
  • Orthostatic blood pressure
  • Edema
  • Lung and heart sounds
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Medication adherence
  • Adherence with diet and/or fluid restrictions

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