Newsome Home Health Care Diabetes Protocol

Newsome’s In Home Health Care Adheres to Diabetes Protocols to Help Minimize the Impact of the Patient’s Condition

Newsome Home Health Diabetes Goals of Care

  • Blood sugar range will be within normal limits for the patient
  • Patient / Caregiver will demonstrate competent selfcare skill management for diabetic care, medication, insulin adherence, and use
  • Patient / Caregiver will demonstrate competent selfcare skill management for injection administration
  • Reduce rate of hospitalization

The Diabetes Patient and Caregiver will be Instructed on the Following:

  • Signs and symptoms of hypo / hyperglycemia
  • Treatment and prevention of hypo / hyperglycemia
  • Frequency of capillary blood glucose monitoring and recording results as tested
  • Foot care (i.e. keep feet clean and dry, apply lotion except between toes, inspect feet daily, wear properly fitted shoes)
  • Importance of podiatry and ophthalmology appointments
  • Diabetic diet and referral to dietician if needed
  • When to notify MD
  • Medication management and / or insulin regimen
  • A1C as ordered by MD
  • Importance of regular exercise
  • Anxiety and stress reduction techniques
  • Smoking cessation

Key Assessment Points for Diabetes Patients:

Education on:

  • Signs and symptoms of hypo / hyperglycemia
  • Blood sugar parameters as established by MD
  • Annual optometry appointment and referral to podiatrist
  • Notifying MD if blood sugars are outside of established parameters

Assessment of patient / caregiver

  • Independence with capillary blood glucose monitoring and recording results as tested
  • Knowledge of diabetic diet and referral to dietitian if indicated
  • Foot/skin integrity
  • Knowledge of daily foot care
  • Adherence and understanding of medication, and / or, insulin regimen

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